PARK stands for "Promoting Artists, Redefining Kulture." PARK is a network organized by a group of young Calgarian artists to promote and support fellow emerging artists in the community. The city is growing, and we are excited to step up and take an active role in helping and shaping how culture will grow in urban Calgary.

We are a non-profit organization, and we aspire to create opportunities for developing artists to share their art and make a profit. Why? It is often challenging for many young artists to find spaces where they can make their first impressions without having to pay an expensive vendors fee or a high percentage of commission. In order for culture to grow, we need collective spaces where young artists can participate in our city’s blooming culture and creative communities.

PARK aims to create these spaces to give artists the opportunity to showcase their talents:

PARKSALE is an annual outdoor market where artists and vendors can sell and showcase their work, in which all expenses are paid for by our organization.

The event is hosted in a green space with low impact installation, and focus’ on local artists and sustainable and recycled fashion. We are conscious of how important it is to sustain not only our creative environment, but our physical one as well.

PARKSHOW is a semi-annual fashion, music and art show that helps to cover the costs incurred from PARKSALE.

It is difficult to provide artists with opportunities when there are few resources to pull from. This show allows our organization to continue to give artists and the designers exposure that is desperately needed in our city.

We at PARK are young people making culture happen, and we seek to entertain, engage, and intrigue the whole community— families, professionals, and people of all ages. We have created PARK as our chance to assert ourselves as a new and creative force within an already thriving city. So, check us out- we’ve got lots to share.

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