Startup Program


This program is designed for those who are just starting out on their entrepreneurial journey and understand that it takes determination, vision, sweat, and courage to succeed.

Benefits of the START UP Program:

  1. Affordable and motivational space for entrepreneurs who have common goals

  2. Big picture thinking

  3. Coaching on how to structure your business

  4. Guidance through common road blocks

  5. Ability to solve business challenges

  6. Insightful feedback

  7. Fostering a supportive network of like-minded people

  8. Acceptance of others who truly want to see you succeed

  9. Help identifying and making key decisions on where to focus your strengths

  10. Stay ahead of your competitors and grow at a faster rate


The biggest benefit of this program is the other people in it.  You will not find them at a local event, conference or Facebook group.

Sure, you might find one here and there but not an entire group of entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their businesses.

The groups are large enough to provide varied opinions but small enough to really dig deep and get to know each other's businesses and personalities. PARK Mastermind fosters an ideal environment so creative, out of the box ideas can flow and be shared.

Each member of PARK Mastermind is hand-selected based on years of experience, coaching and training needs, so each group functions as a performing team.


What’s included

(10 weeks, 1.5 hour/week, 5 high achievers - $150/week)

Program Begins week of September 9th, 2019, with each week focusing on a different business topic:

  1. Feasibility – we explore “will it work” for new businesses and growth directions/possibilities for existing businesses.

  2. Strategic Analysis – we help you create your mission, vision and values statements, and establish your goals and objectives.

  3. Co-working/Hot Seat 

  4. Products and Services – we help you become clear about what you are really selling.

  5. Marketing and Sales – from digital to display, we help you look at what marketing mix (including pricing) will work best for you to establish or increase sales.

  6. Co-working/Hot Seat 

  7. Finances – from sales projections to budgeting to financial statements, we cover it all.

  8. Legal aspects – we look at entity selection, intellectual property and other legal aspects.

  9. Co-working/Hot Seat 

  10. Management and Operations – from human resources to logistics to product lines, we will help you understand how your decisions and management skills impact your company. 


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To be accepted into the START UP Mastermind, you must first apply. We typically respond to your application within one business day. Once you have been accepted, you must complete your payment before your enrolment is finalized and you are in the class.