Codreanu: 6Streets, Modern Menswear and Street Gentlemen showing at PARKSHOW

Local and national clothing designers will be revealing their designs down PARKSHOW’s runway on Saturday.

Three friends and business partners presenting their work this weekend – Clothing Designer Andy Nguyen of 6Streets, Boutique Owner Drew Rudichuk of Modern Menswear and Stylist Sunjeev Prasad of Street Gentlemen  – are taking the meaning of fashion collaboration to a new level.

“Our goal is to showcase design and products, but also be able to tell a story through them. Given this opportunity, we believe that this will create a new perspective in Calgary’s fashion scene as well as local business collaboration,” says Nguyen.

The 6streets brand embodies streetwear and lifestyle all in one; it’s about breaking away from the norm and dressing in line with your authentic self.


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