PARKTEN Interview - Kristin Page

Kristin Page is a freedom seeking human with an abundance of love for her three favourite things – Hair, people, and travel. She is the Education Director at Hedkandi Salon.


When did you realize hair was your passion?

I was the girl who was always asking to braid my cousins’ and friends’ hair. I realized at 15 that I wanted to be a stylist, and started at my first salon when I was 17. I’ve never looked in another direction; it is for sure my vocation.

What are some of the greatest moments you have had in your career? and what are some of the biggest hurdles you have had to overcome?

Wow the moments… I have had so many that have made me proud. My nominations for major awards like Contessa Awards, Canadian Hairdresser and Behind the Chair. Auditioning for NY Fashion week for Bumble and Bumble, and being accepted was a huge moment for me. Creating the education program for Hedkandi salon was another, and ultimately the long-term relationships I have been able to maintain with my clients is a success. The biggest hurdle of my career is finding a work life balance. My whole life is hair, so I sometimes I need to take some time to reflect on the rest of the world around me.

How did your relationship with PARK begin? and how have they influenced you?

My relationship with PARK began with Kara. Her kindness, and ability to support local talent really was what solidified It for me. All the PARK girls are so kind and humble, there is no ego behind their team, and they have always supported the creative vision I have had for the shows. We communicate well, and I always enjoy the experience.

Since you began working with PARK, how have they grown as a team and organization?

They are so solid, and focused, and kind and really want to share their success with those around them.

Where do you want to see PARK in the next ten years?

I wanted to see PARK continuing to pursue their passions in which ever way meets their needs. I know they will evolve - they are meant to!

PARK is continuously working to build a community of creatives - how is their work impacting this generation, as well as the next generation, of designers, artisans, and creators?

The work PARK is doing really allows artists to have a platform to share what they do best. We are all so grateful for Park and what they have brought to our community.

What was your favourite part about being involved in PARK’s ten-year campaign?

The whole campaign was really focused on honoring everyone involved for for all the work they have done over all the years. My favourite part was being able to share that with all the people that have grown together along the way!

When you aren’t working, what are some of the ways you relax and what are your favourite spots to visit?

My own backyard! I love heading to the Banff Springs Spa for the mineral pools.

What are your words of advice to other creatives in Western Canada?

Go for it! Live life the way you choose. Find fulfillment in all areas of life.

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