Interview with PARKSHOW Featured Artists Kayla Browne & Adam Onulov


Kayla and Adam are the future. No seriously, they have recently formed a boutique architectural partnership and are ready to take over the world. They are always plotting how to execute this goal.
Kayla can’t make it through any day without coffee and her bad attitude. Adam needs his solo workout time; and like Kayla, cannot survive without a strong cup of coffee.
You are both architects. When did you know this was the career path you wanted to pursue, and why?
We still aren't convinced this is the career path for us. We are very interested in all types of design, as a result we are always looking for ways to collaborate with designers across different disciplines. Architecture has been a good vehicle for this.
When and how did your relationship with PARK form?
Way back, sometime when PARK was 4 or 5, we started attending PARK’s fashion shows. By happenstance a few people in our direct network were good friends with Kara. We got to know her on a personal level and have been supporting each other ever since. We believe when you find genuine, honest, wildly talented and creative people you never let them go, and you try your best to support their goals. Kara, Jessie and the entire PARK team are these people to us.
What is your favourite thing about PARK and the work they are doing?
We love their commitment to elevating, educating and sharing the creative talents designers in this country have to offer. As a result of these efforts, we love the community they have cultivated.
How would you both describe your personal fashion and what are some of your favourite Canadian brands?
Kayla: I'm drawn to bright colours, patterns and structured or unique shapes. I love anything oversized. You will never catch me in a pair of ripped jeans #barf. I love Marigold par Marilyn Baril, Alex S Yu, KaaDiki, Marie Saint Pierre, Nicole Campre, Mérida Anderson from YYY,  Louve Montreal... I could go on and on and on.
Adam: I’m simultaneously into subtle details and bold statements, cropped everything, slick sneakers and well tailored suits. I’ve got to throw some love out to KaaDiki and his incredible patterns.
You are the featured artists at this year’s PARKSHOW. Lets talk a little about your installation:
How do you approach planning and prepping for a piece?
In this case we started with a long list of constraints: budget, location, weight, site erection time, temporal nature and prefabrication. We then generated a concept and worked through a physical mock up, technical challenges and fabrication collaborator - which is where we need to build the piece before bringing it to site. The physical build comes next and this will be based on Cad drawings and a 3D model we have prepared.
What was the inspiration behind it?
We wanted this piece to be something people could walk through, up to and around. We were interested in exploring the idea of having a runway for people. With that thought in mind we generated our idea based on a list of materials we could use due to the constraints. We then got to work playing with colour, height, space and volume. In essence we developed something beautiful for everyone to use out of our extensive list of constraints. Our art installation takes an off the shelf item, an ombré collection of string, and transforms it into a unique re-contextualizing and interactive experience.
What do you aim to say/do with the piece?
Let our art instillation be your runway for the night. Just like model's get to walk down their runway everyone else too should get to experience that feeling.
What are you roles in your duo?
We seem to have organically discovered a nice split. As much as possible, we try and market and create as a team. When it comes to project management and execution - it just comes down to schedule and the nuances of any given project that either one of us are passionate about.
What are your favourite spots in Calgary (food, coffee, landmarks etc.)?
Kayla: Bar Von Der Velds, Tokyo Smoke, Vine Arts, everything I like seems to be within a two block radius of my home.
Adam: We monopolize Tokyo Smoke, love Proof and can’t get enough of cycling in and around the East Village.

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