After receiving her Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary and earning her CPA, CA designation, Kristine Miguel spent four years working as an auditor and eight years as a financial reporting expert in a publicly traded company. But this past year, Miguel took a leap of faith and quit her cushy corporate job to pursue her passion. Through the CARITAS Company, she is helping small businesses and entrepreneurs make sense of their cents through financial literacy education and accountability coaching. We wanted to learn more about Miguel’s work and her new monthly feature in the PARK newsletter, so we sat down for a quick chat!


When did your love for numbers and math equation start?

My love for business and numbers started when I was quite young. I ALWAYS had to be the banker in monopoly, and growing up I wanted to be a math teacher…and an astronaut. I also started my first business when I was 10 years old after my grandma lent me 100 pesos, I was born and raised in the Philippines, to bake and sell cookies.

Why is important that everyone, even those who despise math, has a solid understanding of their finances?

According to the American Psychological Association, money and work are the top 2 sources of significant stress for most people. We are constantly stressed about unexpected expenses, our growing debt and saving for the future. Levelling up on financial literacy can empower us to make better decisions and ultimately shift our money mindset from negative to positive!


What can our followers expect to read in your monthly newsletter segments?

Anything and everything about money. How to make, spend, save and grow your money so you can start living your best life. 

When you aren’t working, what does a typical day look like for you?

Breakfast usually features a dance party with my energetic one year old followed by a random family outing that usually involves coffee, food or wine. I also workout at movement U and or play a game of basketball or volleyball.

How can people contact you if they want to learn more about your services?

I LOVE connecting with people in real life or virtual! Send me an email at and we can set up a coffee date or follow me on Instagram at @hustlebeyondlimits. My friend Vanessa and I will hook you up with what you need to #LevelUp on Business, Finance and Personal Development. 

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