I can’t believe we’re almost halfway through August! Time sure does fly when you are having fun and while I will miss my lazy summer days, I’m excited for autumn. Perhaps it’s the change of season, or because I’m a mom, but there’s something about September that signals a fresh start. And what better way to hit refresh than sorting out your finances? I’m sure we can both think of a few more exciting activities to rejuvenate our spirits but you’ll thank me once your savings start to grow.

Here are my three easy methods for saving money every month:

1. Pay yourself first. Put away 5% of your take-home earnings into savings. If 5% is not feasible or realistic, start with at least 1% and increase by 1% each quarter. 

2. Automate. Set up an automatic withdrawal each pay period or at the end of the month. This automation will ensure your money is safe from any impulse unplanned spending.  

3. Protect your savings. Take it a step further and move your savings to a separate bank. Preferably to an account without a debit card or online banking access. Make it inconvenient for you to access that money. Out of sight, out of mind! 

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